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  • Planning Poker timer
    Aslak Helles√ły's Planning Poker Timer with configurable colour transitions.

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  • Forum Systems, Inc. - Forum XRay
    Forum XRay Web Services Diagnostics is a quality assurance solution that tests Web services within service-oriented applications against business and technical requirements of security, accuracy and performance.


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  • Agile Contracts (Agile Advice)
    One of the Certified Scrum Trainers, Chris Sterling from SolutionsIQ, recently posted a good set of links on Agile Contracts. Hopefully these links will help you understand how to "sell", set up and execute on agile contracts.
  • InfoQ: Lessons from building Oracle Mix on JRuby on Rails
    Oracle Labs recently released Oracle Mix, a JRuby on Rails based social networking application. Rich Manalang now posted his experiences working on the project.
  • Developer's Guide - Google Chart API - Google Code
    The Google Chart API returns a PNG-format image in response to a URL. Several types of image can be generated: line, bar, and pie charts for example. For each image type you can specify attributes such as size, colors, and labels.


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  • Bot Bouncer
    BotBouncer.com is a CAPTCHA service for OpenIDs. We provide an API for finding out if a user has filled out our CAPTCHA. We also provide a simple mechanism for OpenID enabled sites to send their users over here to fill out our CAPTCHA.
  • Frankenstein: About
    Frankenstein is a Functional Testing tool for Swing applications. Frankenstein's focus is on readable, simple, fast functional tests that can be shared and run by everyone on a team.