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Links for 2007-07-19 [del.icio.us]
  • Agile Metrics and Diagnostics
    Agile Metrics and Diagnostics: This is a paper presented at Agile 2006 on Metrics and Diagnostics for an Agile team. It provides a clear perspective on how measurement drives behavior, and what is important to the organization.
  • SolutionsIQ - Scrum
    Scrum focuses clearly on ROI for project and business owners. The attached PDF paper and corresponding spreadsheet were results of discussions at a Scrum gathering on improving reporting capabilities.


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Do you have your Blotter graph ?

According to Blotter's home page

Blotter (Blog Plotter) is a new service from Dapper that graphs a blog's popularity over time. The popularity statistics are gathered from Technorati using the Dapper service.

The graph below gathers the statistics over time for my blog :

Well, I guess I should say "DOH!"...

But anyway, if you're a Technorati fan, you may like it.


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