Links for 2007-03-29 [del.icio.us]

Links for 2007-03-29 [del.icio.us]
  • Glean : Gathering feedback from your code
    John Brugge has taken a number of popular open-source tools and knitted them together for you. He's calling it Glean, and his goal is to help your project get quick and easy feedback by simply dropping Glean into your build system.


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  • Kohsuke Kawaguchi's Blog: Hudson/JIRA integration
    Kohsuke noticed that Lucene was now using Hudson for their nightly builds and that one of the Lucene developers wanted better integration with JIRA... so he wrote a new Plugin to do just that. The plugin can provide linkage from Hudson builds to JIRA entr
  • Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ: Assessing the Survivors of the Java IDE Wars
    Get a comprehensive comparison of the latest versions of the major IDEs in the Java development space: NetBeans, Eclipse/MyEclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA. Find out how well each performs in four common areas of development: Swing, JSP/Struts, JavaServer Faces
  • Assessing the Survivors of the Java IDE Wars
    Jacek Furmankiewicz has undertaken a mammoth task in evaluating three of the major Java IDEs in DevX's "Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ: Assessing the Survivors of the Java IDE Wars." Jacek's done a good job of gauging each IDE's strengths and weaknesses.
  • tagtraum industries incorporated ~ GCViewer VMFlags
    This page tries to shine some light on what garbage collection related flags there are and what they are good for. It covers several Sun and IBM JVMs

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  • redhat.com | Advanced Message Queueing Protocol
    In response to internal requirements, market demand and partners' electronic trading needs, the contributors are collaborating on specifications for defining and building messaging infrastructure that is broadly applicable for enterprise use, totally open
  • Bamboo - Continuous Integration and Build Server
    More than a conventional continuous integration (CI) server, Bamboo provides Build Telemetry to help identify and highlight trends, patterns, and linkages across builds — not just focusing on the results of a single build.


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  • Artifactory - About
    Artifactory is a Maven2 proxy repository with advanced features. It is based on JCR (using JackRabbit as the implementation), with a web UI based on Wicket, and embeded Jetty for quick start. All artifacts are stored in an embedded Derby DB.
  • Proximity - Proximity
    Proximity is in function somewhere between http-proxy and proactive-mirror.
  • Archiva Site - Maven Archiva
    Archiva (the Maven repository manager) is currently under development. It provides several pieces of functionality for your remote repository.


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