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  • Methodology Map
    Here's a simple pictorial overview of software development methodologies. Its main purpose is to show how Crystal Clear compares to several better-known processes.
  • Gurus on Contracts
    Can you use agile development under fixed-price contracts? Martin Fowler says you can't; Alistair Cockburn says you can. Who's right?
  • MF Bliki: FixedPrice
    Many people belive that you can't do a fixed price contract in an agile project. However this doesn't mean you can't come up with a fixed price agile contract, what it really means is that you can't come up with a fixed scope contract.
  • Fixed Price Contracts
    Can you use agile processes with traditional fixed price contracts, contracts where both scope and price are specified up front? Yes, you can use agile processes on fixed price projects.
  • Agile Contracts Workshop
    Organizers: Mary Poppendieck & Christine Moore.
  • Contracts for Agile Projects
    Do agile processes need flexible contracts? What about fixed price contracts?
  • Agile contracts - AC
    Alistair Cockburn is collecting ideas people have for contracts on agile projects.
  • Dr. Dobb's | Something's Gotta Give | February 7, 2003
    If you rigidly define the project's schedule, budget and the scope to be delivered, you've left no room for your team to maneuver, and are headed for failure.
  • scrumalliance / Firms Using Scrum
    Below is a list of firms that someone (often one person in that firm) says is "using Scrum". It is certain that this list does not contain every firm that has a team(s) that uses "Scrum" (or at least what that team would call Scrum).
  • Earned-value and burn charts - AC
    Extracted from Chapter 3 of "Crystal Clear," Alistair Cockburn, Addison-Wesley, 2004


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