Hibernate 3.5.0-Final is out

Hibernate 3.5.0-Final has been released yesterday (no no, this is not an April Fool) and this is great news. Congratulations to the Hibernate team. Noticeable changes include:
  • Hibernate Entity Manager, Annotations and Envers are now part of Hibernate Core (so they now have the same release cycles and version numbers, no more compatibility matrix hell).
  • Full support of JSR-317 (JPA 2.0). Yeah baby!
  • Support of a new second level cache provider (Infinispan which is actually a data grid, pretty interesting).
  • Support for JDBC 4.
  • And more, see the official announcement.
Oh, as you may have noticed, Hibernate has dropped the "GA" (General Availability) term in favor of the "Final" qualifier. Refer to the JBoss conventions for background on this (change always introduces some confusion but this one is a good one).

And for the impatient Maven users, you can get the new artifacts from the JBoss Maven repository.


  1. Hi Pascal,

    I believe you are experienced with Hibernate and JPA (and ORM in general) and was wondering if you where at all interested in having a look at Ebean ORM.

    Ebean uses JPA annotations for mapping but does not have a "Session" or "EntityManager" so not attached/detached persist/merge/flush api.

    Anyway, just wondering if you were interested in having a look and providing some feedback.

    Cheers, Rob.

  2. Hello Rob,

    I don't have any practical experience with Ebeans, I'm just "aware" it exists but I will have a deeper look in a near future and provide feedback.

    Thank you for mentioning Ebean here.

  3. believe it or not I got aware of the 3.5.0-Final jazz thourgh this article.*


  4. Then it was not totally useless :) Just in case, the current version is 3.5.3-Final.

  5. Hi there,
    Hibernate 3.5.0 Final is released with new advanced feature that supports new second level cache provider which is a data grid.

  6. sorry for asking question in comment ,
    In my project am using spring, in which i should merge two war files,will u please suggest me some solution

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